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We are the Netflix of classic films and give users the unique ability to watch films by year, as if watching a film timeline.

Do you love classic films, but are tired of watching or sifting through grainy, pixelated, low-resolution uploads of them on Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion?

So are we.

We restore, and AI colorize these old films. Our first of its kind video player allows viewers to switch between color, black and white, tinted film, and various aspect ratios.


High Quality Classic Movies

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You have to sift through countless low-quality uploads before finding one that has not been distorted by compression, over-exposed, or under-loved.


Our high standards ensure that you are presented with only the BEST prints of these films. If there are no high-quality versions already out there, we do our own in-house restorations, upscaling, and colorizations of them!


Here at moonflix we are working hard to bring you the HIGHEST-QUALITY CLASSIC FILMS on the internet!


But why stop there?


We’re not okay, with just OKAY

At moonflix we are continuously improving upon our colorization techniques to bring you the best AI colorizations possible!


Moonflix color 1.0

Moonflix color 2.0

Moonflix color 3.0

Colorized Movies

It is our dream to allow people to get cultured in cinema, while providing them with an excellent modern viewing experience!


With help from the open-source project DeOldify, moonflix is able to bring classics like this to our viewers in COLOR for the first time.
Check them out at: www.DeOldify.ai

Now, we know that many of our viewers have different “preferences” regarding how they like to enjoy their classics. We have our groups of anti-colorists, we have our groups of procolorists. We have our groups of stretch-to-fill-the-screen-please, and our groups of don’t-touch-that-aspect-ratio.

We are thrilled to have designed a way to accommodate these different preferences for many of our films! Watch the video below for instructions on how to select your preferences in our custom video player!


We are constantly adding new films to our site, so check back often to discover new content!

Have a favorite film you would like to see restored or colorized?
Let us know! We love accommodating our viewers requests.


Netflix of Classic Films


Another major issue with watching classic films on these MEGA streaming sites is that these sites are designed around videos, NOT MOVIES! This makes the viewing experience feel a little… chaotic.

Compare it to the moonflix.com interface where the genres are laid out plainly and can even be displayed in timeline order of release date!

And additional info is tucked nicely into drop-down sections so that movie searching isn’t chaotic and full of information overload!!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE these streaming video sites and all the wonderful things you can find and learn on there. They just aren’t the greatest platforms for watching MOVIES.

Don’t you want to relax when you’re watching movies? Have a more laid-back, theater-like experience and rest-assured that you are watching the best quality available? Well our goal is to provide that.


Our restoration process includes resolution improvements, frame rate adjustments, COLORIZATION of black and white films, and several other techniques.

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