Africa Screams (1949)

Bud Abbott and Lou Castello star in this classic comedy where they face lions, and gorillas, and kittens, OH MY! Not to mention the tribe of cannibals…

Diana Emerson visits the book section of Klopper’s Department store looking for a copy of Dark Safari by the famed explorer Cuddleford. She tells the clerk, Buzz Johnson, that she will pay $2,500 for a map that is inside the book. Buzz’s friend and co-worker, Stanley Livington, an armchair explorer, has read the book and says he is familiar with a map in it. Buzz brings Stanley to Diana’s home to draw the map, but when he overhears Diana offer Clyde Beatty $20,000 to lead an expedition to capture a legendary giant ape, Buzz realizes that the map is worth considerably more than $2,500. Buzz asks for more money and for he and Stanley to join the safari. They travel to the Congo with Diana’s team of explorers, including Harry, ‘Boots’ Wilson, ‘Grappler’ McCoy and Gunner, a nearsighted professional hunter. When he learns that the expedition’s true goal is not the giant ape but a fortune in diamonds, Buzz renegotiates their deal again. However, it turns out that the map in the book that Stanley is familiar with is a map he drew himself of the route to his job at Klopper’s. However, Stanley’s memory of details in the book bring the party to the region Diana is interested in. A cannibal tribe sets a trail of diamonds to lure Buzz and Stanley and capture them.

Original release date: May 4, 1949 (New York City, New York). May 27, 1949 (United States).

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