Ancient Fistory (Episode 193)

A parody of the fairy tale Cinderella Directed by Seymour Kneitel. Original air date: January 30, 1953. It is the Middle Ages: a Grand Ball is being held in which Princess Olive will choose her husband. At Bluto’s Beanery, the owner leaves to go to the ball leaving all duties to his overworked, raggedy employee, Popeye. The latter’s lamentations are ended by the appearance of his Fairy Godfather (Poopdeck Pappy), who asks for a spinach can which to turn into an anachronistic car for Popeye and then gives him princely robes. Meanwhile, at the ball, Princess Olive trips while gracefully descending the stairs and is helped by Bluto – who also tries her crown on for size. Yet the princess is not attracted to him and seems much more interested in the newly-arrived “Cinderfella”. The two men begin to fight for the fair princess, but she breaks the quarrel and chooses archery as the contest for her hand. Bluto blatantly cheats by lifting the target to achieve bullseye, then sabotages Popeye’s arrow to make it go out a castle window where it gives a bovine a black eye, thus also achieving “bullseye”. The rivals then go on a duel with pistols, where not only does Bluto shoot early but does so with a cannon, firing his opponent all the way to his car chariot to be left unconscious. Olive is then harrassed by the disgusting man that wants to forcibly kiss her, and chased all through the castle as she cries “Saveth me, help!!” Popeye comes to as midnight strikes and he loses his luxury vehicle and clothes, however, this allows him to eat the contents of his former ride and gain a knight’s armor. He swings a mighty fist at the predator, whose own armor remains then trap him in a stove. The townsfolk celebrate as their princess announces her betrothed, Popeye. They ride together while kissing tenderly but, as the short reaches the end, his helm visor falls on her nose.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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