Jack Frost (1934)

Jack Frost is a 1934 animated short film produced by Ub Iwerks and is part of the ComiColor cartoon series. Original air date: December 24, 1943.


The animals are enjoying the warm summer and playing together. Suddenly, Jack Frost arrives to the forest and paints the world in autumn colors. He announces the coming winter to the animals of the forest and urges them to prepare for it. Most of the animals takes his advice seriously, knowing how dangerous Old Man Winter is. A grizzly bear cub named Billy blows off the warning and retorts “I don’t have to worry; I don’t have to care. My coat is very furry, I’m a frizzly, grizzly bear.” His mom appears very angry at him and warns him if he meets Old Man Winter, he’ll change his tune. She takes Billy back to their home where she prepares him to go to bed by putting on his nightshirt. When he tries to sneak away to go outside during the autumn, his mom catches him and spanks him. She forcibly puts Billy in his bed and tells him to go to sleep. When his parents have fallen asleep (hibernation), the cub prepares to run away from home. He sees Jack Frost paint frost patterns on his bedroom window and follows him. Frost catches Billy outside while he’s painting pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns and warns him to return to the safety of his own home at once and sleep. His response angers Frost and decides he needs to be taught a lesson he’ll never forget.

Billy notices the jack-o’-lanterns, a scarecrow and trees coming to life and sing. At first, he’s happy and thinks he made the right choice to leave his home. Billy’s retort is interrupted by the surprise blast of cold winds and heavy snowfall. The scarecrow suddenly turns into a snowman. Billy is soon confronted by a snickering Old Man Winter who chases after him. He tries to take shelter in the squirrel’s tree, but is kicked out alongside with the beavers. Billy takes shelter in what appears to be an abandoned home, but is scared away by the skunk’s smell. She tries to coax him back inside, but doesn’t understand that her offensive smell is what’s keeping him from going inside her home. The skunk immediately goes back inside her home as Old Man Winter continues chasing after Billy and hides in a hollow tree trunk, but there’s no way out on the other side. He comes to the front where Old Man Winter is waiting him. He traps Billy in the tree trunk and disappears. He is seen crying in regret in having blown off his mother’s warning and ill end up being frozen to death. Frost arrives and reprimands Billy for his arrogance in refusing to stay home and now he understands why no one ventures out in winter. He apologizes to Frost and appeals to return him home to his warm bed because he’s freezing. He uses his paintbrush to turn the ice to candy canes and Billy licks his way to freedom. Frost takes him back to his home using the palette. He tucks the happy cub back to his room where he’s sleeping peacefully. After tucking him in bed, Frost closes the window and paints the word Finis.

Directed by Ub Iwerks
Produced by Ub Iwerks
Music by Carl Stalling
Color process Cinecolor Color Systems, Inc. (1973 Korean redrawn three-strip color edition with stock music and sounds added)

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