Malice in the Palace (Episode 117)

The Stooges are running the Cafe Casbah Bah (a Middle Eastern restaurant) and attempting to prepare a meal for customers Hassan Ben Sober (Vernon Dent) and Ginna Rumma (George J. Lewis). The meal turns out disastrous: their spaghetti dinner is spilled all over the customers’ faces, so the stooges offer them a replacement meal: rabbit and hot dogs. Because a stray cat and dog make noises at inopportune times while Larry prepares the meal, Larry’s meal appears to be actual dog and cat meat, which brings Moe and Shemp great grief when ordered to eat it by their customers. Written by Felix Adler. Directed by Jules White. Original air date: September 1, 1949.

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Genres: The Three Stooges

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