Man Walking Around a Corner (1888)

Man Walking Around a Corner was an early film shot in Leeds, England by Louis Le Prince. According to David Wilkinson’s 2015 documentary The First Film it is not film, but a series of photographs, 16 in all, each taken from one of the lens from Le Prince’s camera. Le Prince went on to develop the one lens camera and on the 14th October 1888 he finally made the world’s first moving image.

The film lasts less than 1 second, taken on a 16-lens camera.

The film was taken on the corner of Rue Bochart-de-Saron and Avenue Trudaine in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Pictures from the film were sent in a letter dated 18 August 1887 to his wife.

Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince vanished on a train from Dijon to Paris on 16 September 1890.

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Genres: Genesis of Film, 1880's

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