McLintock! (1963)

Cattle, timber, and mining baron George Washington “G.W.” McLintock is living the single life on his ranch. He is estranged from wife Katherine, who left him two years before, suspecting him of adultery. She has been living as a socialite back East, while their daughter Rebecca (whom G.W. calls “Becky”) is completing her college degree. Katherine (a.k.a. Katie), returns to the town of McLintock, seeking a divorce from G.W. He declines to give her one, having no idea why she has been so angry with him and why she moved out two years ago. Original release date: November 13, 1963.

Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
Written by James Edward Grant
Produced by Michael Wayne

John Wayne as George Washington “G.W.” McLintock
Maureen O’Hara as Katherine McLintock
Patrick Wayne as Devlin Warren
Stefanie Powers as Becky McLintock
Jack Kruschen as Jake Birnbaum
Chill Wills as Drago
Yvonne De Carlo as Louise Warren
Jerry Van Dyke as Matt Douglas Jr.
Edgar Buchanan as Bunny Dull
Perry Lopez as Davey Elk
Strother Martin as Agard
Gordon Jones as Matt Douglas
Robert Lowery as Gov. Cuthbert H. Humphrey
Hank Worden as Curly Fletcher
Michael Pate as Puma, Chief of the Comanche Nation
Bruce Cabot as Ben Sage, Sr.
Edward Faulkner as Ben Sage, Jr.
Mari Blanchard as Camille
Leo Gordon as Jones
Chuck Roberson as Sheriff Jeff Lord
Bob Steele as Train Engineer
Aissa Wayne as Alice Warren
“Big” John Hamilton as Fauntleroy Sage
H.W. Gim as Ching

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