Private Eye Popeye (Episode 206)

Semi-remake of the Fleischer short Ghosks is the Bunk Directed by Seymour Kneitel. Original air date: November 12, 1954. Private Eye Popeye sits in his office wearing a Sherlock Holmes-like suit and cap, in addition to his usual pipe. When he receives a phone call consisting of only a scream and a gunshot, he decides to trace the call along telephone wires with the aid of his magnifying glass. He ends up at a mansion owned by Olive Oyl and, after being welcomed by the butler, he is met by machine gun fire from the lady of the house herself. Reassured that he is indeed a detective, Ms. Oyl entrusts him with the protection of her valuable emerald as she fears someone is trying to steal it. As if on cue, both Olive and the jewel are snatched away, and Popeye promptly discovers that the butler did it. The thief leaves Olive tied up and makes his escape with the jewel. Popeye follows his getaway plane on goose-back, but is brought down. Still, he catches up with the villain in Paris, where the thief encounters him as a waiter, a taxi driver and the Eiffel Tower’s lift operator. Unable to shake his pursuer, the butler drives a motorcycle all the way from Paris to Switzerland, where he comes across the detective atop the Alps. Later, somewhere in the Middle East, Popeye attempts to trick the robber by disguising as a lovely local princess, but is instead knocked out. Realizing he has fallen onto a spinach cart, he chomps away, catches up with the thief and punches him from island to island across the ocean after pocketing the gem. When the criminal drops into Alcatraz Island, Popeye returns the emerald to Ms. Oyl and the case is solved. She gives him a kiss, and his red face becomes brighter than the emerald’s green glow.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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