Bride and Gloom (Episode 204)

Semi-remake of the Fleischer Studios short Wimmin Is a Myskery Directed by Isadore Sparber. Original air date: July 02, 1954. It is the day before Popeye and Olive’s wedding, and she sees him off as it is getting late. While Popeye leaves walking on air and absent-mindedly kisses a police officer, Olive prepares to go to sleep. She dreams of their getting married by the judge of the peace, with the sailor groom resorting to spinach to get the courage to say ‘I do’. She then dreams of their honeymoon and of giving birth to Popeye’s children (unlike in Wimmin Is a Myskery, only twins and first seen as babies, likely to distinguish them from the already-known Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye). Olive then dreams of the boys reaching their fourth birthday (and blowing the whole cake into her mouth) followed by much destruction around the house and abuse towards their mother. After an impromptu trapeze act ends with Olive thrown into a garden fountain, her attempt to discipline her children has her captured by ‘indians’ and nearly burned to death. This causes Olive to finally wake up and violently reject the tuxedoed Popeye who had come for his bride.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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