I Don't Scare (Episode 224)

This is one of ten Popeye cartoons that could be viewed in the first-person shooter video game The Darkness. Directed by Isadore Sparber. Original air date: November 16, 1956. Popeye and Bluto scramble to enter a telephone booth in order to call Olive Oyl and invite her on a date, with Bluto getting in but having the phone scooped out by his rival. After Olive accepts Popeye’s invitation, the sailor slams the phone back in – and in Bluto’s face. Later, Bluto looks in from a window as Popeye enters Olive’s home. Seeing that the girl is superstitious, Bluto changes her calendar to mark “Friday the 13th”. Upon noticing it, she becomes reluctant to go out with Popeye, with the latter arguing against “stupidstiton” and opening an umbrella inside the house. When Olive is made to hold it, Bluto pops in again and gets it to touch an electric socket, causing the girl to be shocked and thrust into her piano. Next, Bluto lets a black cat in. Popeye believes it is harmless, but its attempt on Olive’s goldfish ends with the bowl over her head. Then Bluto makes Popeye break a mirror, and the beau is booted out. Bluto reveals himself and the fact that it is truly Thursday the 12th, and his offer to go on a date is accepted. However, Popeye plants a “lucky” horseshoe to magnet Bluto away and trap him under a ladder. He also mimics the unlucky move of using a single match to light three cigars – or dynamite sticks, in this case. The big fellow is sent up flying; Popeye, without making use of spinach, breaks his fall with a mighty punch that sends him crashing against a fortunetelling machine that announces to the bully: “Today is your lucky day!”. As Popeye and Olive walk off, she laughs at his own display of superstition.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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