Spree Lunch (Episode 229)

Final theatrical film appearances of Bluto and Wimpy. Directed by Seymour Kneitel. Original air date: June 21, 1957. Popeye is seen setting up his newly opened diner, much to his joy. But just then, the mobile “Bluto’s Diner” parks on a lot right across the street from “Popeye’s Diner,” to the latter’s owner’s disgust. As they confront each other, a prospective costumer, J. Wellington Wimpy, strolls by. He is quickly led to Popeye’s establishment thanks to the red carpet treatment; however, Bluto lures him away to his with a sign that reads “5 beautiful waitresses”. Popeye manages to divert him back to his place, however. Bluto gets him back by driving his restaurant-mobile through Wimpy’s path then taking his order, a hamburger (Wimpy utters his catchphrase about paying “Tuesday for a hamburger today,” yet there is little evidence of his dishonesty). Popeye then grabs the client away, stall and all, only to be sabotaged by Bluto’s use of Mexican jumping beans to replace Wimpy’s order. After bouncing back to Bluto’s, the client is led away once again thanks to a magnet that makes his steak’s plate slide all the way to Popeye’s counter. Bluto recovers his customer by making Popeye sneeze, only for the latter to lead Wimpy away by the string of spaghetti he is eating. The two chefs begin to fight by tossing each other cooking utensils, food and furniture. Mr. Wimpy, in the middle of the street, is able to catch everything needed to sit down for a good meal. This is one of ten Popeye cartoons that could be viewed in the first-person shooter video game The Darkness.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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