Parlez-Vous Woo (Episode 223)

One of ten Popeye cartoons that could be viewed in the first-person shooter video game The Darkness. Directed by Isadore Sparber. Original air date: September 12, 1956. The doorbell rings and when Olive opens it, she is over the moon. There stands a handsome, strapping gentleman in a tuxedo and top hat, who pays her compliments in a French accent and proceeds to flirt with the enthralled brunette. Popeye, however, is having none of that and does everything he can to thwart the suave star. The fancy Frenchman challenges the squinting swabbie to a sword duel. This intrigues the lovely Ms. Oyl — until The International seemingly stabs Popeye in the chest, and then the raven-haired cutie’s delight turns to abject horror.

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Genres: Popeye the Sailor COLOR

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