The Cameraman's Revenge (1912)

The Cameraman’s Revenge (Russian: Месть кинематографического оператора, romanizedMest’ kinematograficheskogo operatora) is a 1912 Russian experimental stop-motion animated short film directed and written by Ladislas Starevich. It, along with other works by Starevich, stands out in the history of stop-motion animation for its use of actual dried insect specimens (beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, etc.) as articulated stop-motion puppets portraying all of the characters.

Directed by Ladislas Starevich
Written by Ladislas Starevich
Produced by Aleksandr Alekseevich Khanzhonkov

Original release date:
October 27, 1912

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Genres: New Arrivals, 1910's, Russian Classics, Shorts, Top-Rated, Animation, Stop Motion Animation

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