The Flying Deuces ( 1939 )

The Flying Deuces, also known as Flying Aces, is a 1939 buddy comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy, in which the duo join the French Foreign Legion. It is a partial remake of their short film Beau Hunks (1931). Original release date: November 3, 1939.

While the boys are vacationing in Paris from working in a fish market in Des Moines, Ollie falls in love with Georgette (Jean Parker), the beautiful daughter of an innkeeper. She turns down his marriage proposal because she is married to a Foreign Legion officer named Francois (Reginald Gardiner). Heartbroken, Ollie contemplates suicide. He is joined by his friend Stan in sinking himself into a river. (In some versions this proceeding is complicated by the presence of an “escaped shark”.) Stan repeatedly interrupts Ollie as he is about to throw the weight in, and asks him to consider the possibility of reincarnation. Ollie decides his preference is to be reincarnated as a horse. Francois catches sight of them and convinces them to enlist in the Foreign Legion in order to forget Ollie’s failed romance (little does Francois know that his wife was the object of Ollie’s obsession).

Directed by
A. Edward Sutherland

Written by
Ralph Spence, Charley Rogers, Fred Schiller, & Harry Langdon

Produced by
Boris Morros

Stan Laurel as Stan
Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Jean Parker as Georgette
Reginald Gardiner as Francois
Charles Middleton as Commandant
Jean Del Val as Sergeant
Clem Wilenchick as Corporal
James Finlayson as Jailor

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