The Magic Sword (1962)

The Magic Sword (also known as St. George and the Dragon, St. George and the Seven Curses, the film’s original title, and The Seven Curses of Lodac) is a 1962 American adventure fantasy film, that is loosely based on the medieval legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

George is the foster son of Sybil, an elderly somewhat ineffectual sorceress. She brought him up after his “royal parents died of the plague” in his infancy. Upon watching her through the pool of magic, George has fallen in love with Princess Helene. Helene is kidnapped by the wizard Lodac, who brazenly informs her father that he intends to feed her to his pet dragon in seven days, revenge for the death of his sister at the same age as Helene is now, 18. George goes on a quest with his newly obtained magic sword, steed, invulnerable suit of armor, and six magically frozen and then revived knights, to try to liberate his lady love.

Original release date: April 1962

Directed by Bert I. Gordon. Produced by Bert I. Gordon. Written by Bernard Schoenfeld.

Cast: Basil Rathbone as Lodac, Estelle Winwood as Sybil, Gary Lockwood as Sir George, Anne Helm as Princess Helene, Liam Sullivan as Sir Branton, Danielle De Metz as Mignonette, Merritt Stone as The King, Jacques Gallo as Sir Dennis of France, David Cross as Sir Pedro of Spain, John Mauldin as Sir Patrick of Ireland, Taldo Kenyon as Sir Anthony of Italy, Angus Duncan as Sir James of Scotland, Leroy Johnson as Sir Ulrich of Germany (Voice by Paul Frees, uncredited), Marlene Callahan as Princess Grace, Nick Bon Tempi as Left Siamese Twin, Paul Bon Tempi as Right Siamese Twin, Ann Graves as Princess Laura, Lorrie Richards as Anne, Jack Kosslyn as The Ogre, Maila Nurmi as The Hag / Sorceress, Ted Finn as 1st Dwarf, Angelo Rossitto as 2nd Dwarf.

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