Topper Returns (1941)

Topper Returns is a 1941 fantasy comedy film directed by Roy Del Ruth and written by Jonathan Latimer. The third and final installment in the initial series of supernatural comedy films inspired by the novels of Thorne Smith, it succeeds Topper (1937) and Topper Takes a Trip (1938). Original release date: March 21, 1941.

As in the prior films, Roland Young plays Cosmo Topper, a mousy banker who gets into trouble because of his ability to see and speak with ghosts, and Billie Burke plays his wife, who is constantly befuddled by his strange antics. The plot revolves around a murder mystery. Joan Blondell portrays a slain woman who seeks out the reluctant Topper and enlists his help in identifying her killer and saving her friend, played by Carole Landis. Most of the action takes place in a spooky mansion filled with eccentric characters, trapdoors and secret passages.

Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Written by Jonathan Latimer

Joan Blondell as Gail Richards
Roland Young as Cosmo Topper
Carole Landis as Ann Carrington
Billie Burke as Clara Topper
Dennis O’Keefe as Bob
Patsy Kelly as Emily
H. B. Warner as Henry Carrington
Eddie “Rochester” Anderson as Eddie
George Zucco as Dr. Jeris
Donald McBride as Police Sergeant Roberts
Rafaela Ottiano as Lillian
Trevor Bardette as Rama
William O’Brian as unnamed second butler.

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